Information about tagua nut palm and tagua art carving

tagua jewelry

Tagua is called a vegetable ivory because its properties - such as strength and color - very correspond to properties of the natural ivory.

However, in the same time tagua is a tropical tree, which grows in the forests of the Amazon. And in carvings of jewelry, figurines and buttons are widely used its seeds.

Crafts from the tagua nut are very strong, they do not break just it, only if you heat them really strong.

And I have a very beautiful photos of tagua products that I will share with you.

tagua nuts

Even huge number of different sorts of artificial materials have failed to push tagua away from the market.

This "vegetal ivory" does not change the color, it is resistant to moisture and heat, it does not afraid of either electric washing machines, or hot water and it does not brake even under the weight of hard press. Therefore, during the world war in last centure, the largest consumer of ecuadorian tagua nut was the American army.

All this helped to vegetable ivory to take its rightful place in the articles of exports of Ecuador: from fifteen to twenty million pounds a year.

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