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Tagua is called a vegetable ivory because its properties - such as strength and color - very correspond to properties of the natural ivory.

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C2A Enterprise exporting tagua products from Ecuador since 2004. You can buy just one or few items or make bulk purchase for better price. Buy with confidence.

We will send you beautiful tagua nut carved animal figurines, many of them are native to Ecuador, including world-known Galapagos Islands: polar white bear, rabbit, fish, brown penguin, pelican, swan, whale, panda bear, white sea turtle, dolphin, frog, turtle with neck, toucan, pig, seal, cat, dark eyes owl, parrot, colibri, iguana, white owl, dark owl, dog, parrot, elephant, sea horse, brown turtle, pelican, dark sea turtle, white penguin, dove, colibri, bird.

We also offer for sale various tagua carved keychains in animal shape: toucan keychain, turtle keychain, dolphin keychain, sea horse keychain, parrot keychain, owl keychain, seal keychain, bird keychain .

Flat tagua keychains with pyrography drawings of animals and popular art: sea horse keychain, pelican keychain, swordfish keychain, Taz keychain, Tweety keychain, colibri keychain, iguana keychain, Hello Kitty keychain, sea turtle keychain, Mickey Mouse keychain, parrot keychain, Garfield keychain, Winnie Pooh keychain, toucan keychain, seal keychain, turtle keychain, frog keychain.

Earrings and necklaces with different animals, carved of tagua nut: bears earrings, parrots earrings, seals earrings, fishes earrings, cats earrings, birds earrings, sea turtles earrings, turtles earrings, elephants earrings, sea horses earrings, doves earrings, dolphins earrings, owls earrings, pelicans earrings, frigates earrings, penguins earrings, birds earrings, fishes earrings, owl necklace, sea horse necklace, elephant necklace, fish necklace, parrot necklace, fish necklace, pelican necklace, sea turtle necklace, pelican necklace, bird necklace, turtle necklace, devilfish necklace, colibri necklace, duck necklace, seal necklace, penguin necklace, toucan necklace, bear necklace, cat necklace, dolphin necklace.

Would you like to purchase tagua carvings in bulk? See offers for mixed lots below, view catalog or contact us.

Lot 10 tagua figurines, Lot 5 tagua necklaces, Lot 5 pairs tagua earrings, Lot 6 tagua keychains, Lot 6 tagua flat keychains.

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