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The commercialization of tagua in Ecuador began around 1865 with the first shipment to Germany, where it was discovered the possible use of this product in the manufacturing of buttons made of high quality and high fashion clothing. The discovery of the Germans around the lush Ecuadorian tagua mine, which was a closely guarded secret, resulting in a period of monopoly due to the mistaken belief that the vegetable ivory had the same origin of animal ivory from the African Continent.

Ecuador is the only country exporting traditionally tagua as feedstock for the manufacture of buttons. This material is known as animelas or tagua disks and are selected by quality, size and color.

Thanks to their ecological and natural beauty, tagua button is considered as an alternative environmental pollution in industrialized countries.

In addition to buttons and animelas, with artistic skill and preparation, the craftsmen do the carving and the making of miniature figures on the fauna of Ecuador, as well as key chains, headbands, chess pieces and jewels which are then marketed and recognized throughout the world for its enchanting beauty.

Most companies that produce and export of ivory in its various forms are concentrated in the province of Manabi.

This sector is of paramount importance since it will benefit about 30,000 families in our country. In this way allows the eradication of child labor, improve living conditions and work of the workers.