Photos of animal hand carved white figurines of tagua nut

At Tagua Store you can find a big choise of tagua animal figurines of different kinds.

Browse our site to see the small part of tagua animal figurines we carve here in Ecuador.

Handmade tagua carved figurine white swan, art Ecuador

Handmade tagua carved figurine white turtle art Ecuador

Hand carved tagua figurine panda bear, art of Ecuador

Hand carving tagua figurine sea dolphin, art of Ecuador

Hand carved tagua amphibia figurine of river water frog

Handmade tagua carved figurine white turtle w long neck

Hand carved art tropical bird tagua figurine of toucan

Hand carving pig swine tagua farm figurine, art Ecuador

Hand carving animal tagua figurine sea lion art Ecuador

Hand carving pet tagua nut figure of cat, art Ecuador

Hand carving tagua figurine of white owl with dark eyes

Hand carved bird tagua figurine, amazon parrot, Ecuador

Hand carving collection bird tagua nut figurine colibri

Figurine of palm tagua nut, iguana lizard art Ecuador

Hand carved bird tagua miniature figurine of brown owl

Tagua nut figurine of dog, hand carving home pet art

Hand carved bird tagua nut figurine parrot, Ecuador art

Hand carved tagua elephant figurine, wild animal art

Hand carved marine animal tagua nut figurine sea horse

Hand carved tagua figurine reptile turtle, art Ecuador

Hand carved frigate bird tagua figurine, Ecuadorian art

Hand carved tagua figurine of white penguin Ecuador art

Hand carving tagua figurine of white dove bird of peace

Hand carved art - small bird - corozo figurine colibri

Hand carved Galapagos bird tagua figurine, Ecuador art

Hand carved whale tagua nut figurine, art of Ecuador

Hand carved pet / farm tagua figurine of white rabbit

Hand carved sea & water bird, tagua figurine of penguin

Hand carved tagua figurine round ocean, marine sea fish

Hand carved brown land turtle, reptile tagua figurine

Hand carved animal tagua figurine of white polar bear

Pelican bird tagua nut figurine artesanal carving

White owl tagua carved figurine Ecuadorian art