Photo of amazon parrot, hand carved white tropical bird figurine of tagua nut

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amazon parrot tagua

Parakeets associated with other representatives of the parrot family for its ability to pronounce words.

Messenger, the mediator between the human and the other world - symbolism, obviously occurred on the ability of this bird imitate human speech. For the same reason parrots associated with prophecy.

Symbolizes an imitation, repetition without understanding.

As a bird imported from India was known already in antiquity and was guarded by a voice imitator. Callimachus (300-240 BC. E.) Treated it as a symbol of senseless chattering speaker, one of Aesop's fable describes this bird as a rival affection.

According to the early Christian "Fisiologos" Parrot spoke, as a man, which adds to the teachings of St. Basil: "to imitate and you, man, the voice of the apostles, who praised God, and to glorify himself. Imitate life of the righteous, and you'll be worthy to attain their brightly shining thrones.

In the medieval "Bestiary" the parrot is considered to be recalcitrant. He is so stubborn, that he should be whipped with an iron rod to induce learning.

Konrad von Wurzburg believed that his feathers do not get wet from rain, and therefore it is a symbol of Mary, which has remained untouched hereditary sin. If this bird was brought to the images of paradise, is thereby assumed that she learned to speak the name of Eva. It upside-down "Ave" is the greeting the angel Gabriel of the Annunciation of Mary, the sinless opposites progenitress Eva.