Photo of colibri, hand carved white small tropical bird of tagua nut

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bird colibri tagua

These are very mobile, fervent and quarrelsome birds, which are exhibiting their extraordinary courage in the attacks on a relatively large birds, especially during the withdrawal of chicks.

Their flight is extremely fast (up to 80 km/h), agile and maneuverable, like the flight of Lepidoptera butterflies. In flight, the small species emit a hum of wings, making up to 80-100 strokes per second, with the major species make only 8-10 strokes per second. Movement of the wings so fast that their outlines merge commit, very often they still cling to the flowers through quick flap of his wings, as twilight butterflies. At rest, the heart of a hummingbird with a frequency of 500 beats per minute, and during physical activity (flight) 1200 and more. Maximum life expectancy for hummingbird is 9 years old.

Hummingbirds feed on the flowers. First as was thought hummingbirds feeding only with nectar of flowers, sucking nectar on the fly, but in truth, for many of them, the only food consists of small insects, which they extracted from flowers, and some of the leaf surface. There was, moreover, that they grasped the insects stuck in a web, or catching flying insects.

Their voice mostly weak chirp, but some of them, such as the smallest member of their family - a bird-fly, is singing.