Photo of owl, hand carved white forest night bird figurine of tagua nut

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brown owl tagua

Owl is best known as a companion and attribute of Athens Pronoia - the seers. As such, it is presented on the back of Greek coins with the image of Athens. Binding to the rational knowledge, contrasted with an eagle owl, representing intuition.

As a sign of wisdom and teachings, as a symbol of the Athenian Academy and science in general, as well as the secret (Gnostic) knowledge, night classes, clairvoyance and prophecy.

The owl is also an attribute:

Etruscan god of darkness and night;
Asclepius - the indispensable attribute;
Atropos - parks, the cutoff thread of life;
Calypso staying on the island of death - Ogygia.
Transformation of the owl had been punished Nyctimene (for incest with her father) and son Askalafos Charon, who could see in the dark. As a sign of foreboding owl appears during the marriage of Tereusa and Prokny.