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cat tagua

In Egypt, the cat (Aelurus) was a symbol of the moon. It was revered in the form of a large cat May, killing mythical serpent Apophis, which is in the book of the dead is trying to overturn the solar boat.

Cat and brought to the goddess Bast - the personification of the fertilizing power of the sun, guarding it while sleeping on the snakes. The inhabitants of Thebes, a cat named Lady of the sky.

Muslims believes cat has a good fortune and has seven lives. Black cat authorizing magical powers. In China, the cat (mao) is a symbol of clairvoyance, it is associated with the moon and all that it describes. He is also credited with demonic forces, the ability to see spirits of the night. White cats believed to have the ability to turn night into evil spirits, because they steal the rays of moonlight.

Tradition ascribes the cat (the cat) female essence. North American Indian tribe pauniz considered wild cat symbol of cleverness and resourcefulness, as in fairy tales, where she represents resourcefulness, using lies and pretense. According to another legend, the cat brings bad luck, because devilishly resourcefulness and elusive, and therefore regarded as a symbol of death.

Dreamed cat warns about an alarming situation, because it is often perceived as hostile, aggressive, dangerous. According to Apple, separating the symbolic interpretation of the Indian pauniz this animal with shiny hair, which urchit of affection and whose velvet cushions on the legs, may at any moment to show his claws, and usually appears in the dreams of women, offers the latest cat-like habits, understand their nature .