Photo of colibri, hand carved white tropical bird figurine of tagua nut

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colibri tagua

These are small birds, which are having size ranges from a bumblebee to swallow. Some of these birds are smallest birds of the Earth (with size 5.7 cm and weigh 1.6 g). At the same time there are hummingbirds and larger size (length up to 21,6 cm, weight 20 g).

The smallest species - a bird-fly (Mellisuga minima), above green, beneath white, is found in Jamaica and Haiti, the size of a bumblebee.

The largest species - giant (giant) hummingbird (Patagona gigas (Vieillot, 1824)), with a long straight beak and forked tail, above pale-brown with green glitter, below red-brown, with gray-yellow loins, length 21, 6 cm, it is found in most of western countries of South America, possible to meet at mountains by the height of 4000-5000 m. in the extreme south, it is a migratory bird.