Photo of dog, hand carved white pet figurine of tagua nut

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dog tagua

In the East, was treated as unclean animals and thieves, it is rarely mentioned in the Bible, but only in a negative sense. For Pliny the Elder ( "Natural History", 8:40) was, along with the horse, the most loyal animal to men - a virtue which it symbolizes in the medieval and later art. The dog accompanies Hunter. It is an attribute of Dominica (with a torch in its mouth), MARGARITA Croton (usually Spaniel), Rohan (Pilgrim, to whom she brought the bread in the desert). In paintings of the Dominican tradition, dogs (domini canes [lat. - "Dogs of the Lord"] - a pun of the name of the monk) can be represented tailrace wave (heretics), rolled on the ship (faith). At the Last Supper, the dog can lie next to Judas. In the biblical scenes it accompanies Tobias and the angel, a beggar at the gate of the rich (Rich Man and Lazarus); Canaanite woman, leaning on his knees before Christ (the daughter of Canaan, Christ heals D. X.). Apostle Andrew expels seven dogs, demon-possessed. In ancient plots dog is an attribute huntress Diana. Dogs Actaeon rush to his master (DIANA, 3). They accompany hunters Adonis (Venus, 5) and Cephalus (Cephalus and Procris; Aurora). In the allegorical subjects the dog is an attribute of personified fidelity. In portraiture, lying at the feet of the woman or on her lap, she points to the fidelity, or, if a widow, her loyalty to the memory of her husband. The dog has a similar meaning in the pair married portraits. In the opposite sense, sometimes a dog is an attribute of Envy. She is accompanied by melancholy (one of the four temperaments), smell (one of the five senses) and is part of a three-headed monster, symbolizing wisdom. Many-headed (usually tricipital) dog - Cerberus.