Photo of dolphin, hand carved white sea animal figurine of tagua nut

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dolphin tagua

The image of a dolphin symbolizes the sea, sea power, freedom, generosity, love, pleasure. Delfinrassmatrivaetsyakak royal fish, benevolent people. He comes to the aid of the sinking, warns mariners of the dangers, etc.

In the Christian symbolism of the dolphin is associated with Jesus Christ as the creator and savior, the resurrection and salvation. Dolphin often found in talismans and are widely used in heraldry.

In the 20 century Dolphins have been used in the images as a separate emblem with the value of the highest sensitivity (refer to location-based devices, the companies producing them, etc.)

Dolphin symbolizes life's vitality, energy, and is used as an emblem, pointing to the mastery of water space or military superiority in the sea.