Photo of elephant, hand carved white animal of tagua nut

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elephant tagua

As is known, the elephants are found in India and Africa. India was famous as one of the areas of the world where elephants were most early domesticated by man. For this reason, the Indian elephant could not be counted as very unknown animal. Another thing, the wild African elephants, which are counted by tradition as if they are having stiff knees legs. Interesting the fact that monolithic legs of the elephant mentioned only in the descriptions of hunting for this animal. The hunters, who were knowing mythical feature of giant, were rasping tree, near to which was sleeping giant. Elephants were falling, and were unable to stand up, therefor they become the victim of hunters. Such a scenario is also applied to the mythical hunting for moose and rhinoceros. On the elk with stiff legs is known from the works of Caesar (Julius Caesar. Gallic War. VI. 27) and Pliny, who calls the animal Achaia (Pliniy. 8. 39); Elian ascribes to the same singularity unicorn (Elian. On the nature of animals. XVI . 20), but the rhinos with solid legs tell the medieval Arab travelers. Below is divided testimony been drawn al-Masoudi about how Ethiopians sought to numb the legs of wild elephants.

In "The Physiology" hunters forget about their success, and the stage act of twelve elephants, trying to save fellow brother, but only a small elephant can help giant to stand up, and it all means the salvation of Adam by Jesus Christ.

So it means that it is discussed not the real properties of animals, but the peculiarities of their mythical counterparts. World of Animals is reflected in two areas of human culture, one of which has a symbolic meaning, while the other tends to the real descriptions. This division is arbitrary, since the perception of an animal, usually includes element of evaluation. Gallery mythical beasts can be extended piece of sweet-smelling panther, ostrich, which swallows a hot iron, a porcupine, throwing a needle in his opponents, or hyenas, with so much skill to imitate human voices, that it could cause on the night of his victim by name. These animals are easy to get along in the pages of beast-keepers with obviously fantastic creatures like martikory, griffin-headed or saber-toothed predator from the shores of Nile. Borderlines between those and others, so natural to our perception, apparently, did not exist, although most serious of the authors and not taken on faith stories of hybrid creatures. Mobs are usually metaphors were inaccessible, hostile or undeveloped spaces.