Photo of frigate, hand carved water bird of tagua nut

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frigate tagua

Frigates are skillful fliers, most of the time they spend in the air over tropical waters and hover in debt without moving their wings. Because of their inability to swim in the water, frigates use various tricks to hunt marine animals. For going out from the water, their wings are not well adapted, because of this they land only on the trees. On the trees they breed their single egg. Fledgling hatch after six or seven weeks, but full plumage possessed only five months later. A few months chicks fed parents, even after he leaves the nest and begins to fly independently. Despite the fact that the frigates were skilled hunters and sometimes may even catch a flying fish, they often attack other water birds, trying to recapture their prey. Beeing on land, they sometimes manage to grab a low flight chicks of other birds.

Frigates are living in the Galapagos and the Seychelles, in the north-east of Australia, Polynesia and many other islands in the tropical and subtropical zones. They are the national symbol of the country of Nauru, where they are used for catching fish. Polynesians used them until today to send messages, like homing pigeons.