Photo of Galapagos bird, hand carved white tropical bird of tagua nut

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galapagos bird tagua

Isolation from the mainland and the unique microclimate of the islands is a cause of surprising wildlife of Galapagos. The islands represent a tropical fauna and flora, and the one of Antarctic: here adjoin vines and moss, tropical birds and Antarctic gulls, parrots, and Galapagos penguins, dolphins and seals. Surface and underwater world of islands rich in rare animals, many of which are endemic. Only in the Galapagos you can see the largest flying lizards - the giant marine iguanas. They feed in the surf zone and the rest on coastal rocks. On the island is home to the giant Galapagos tortoises, adults can weigh from 130 to 300 kg. The waters of the Galapagos islands are inhabited by hundreds of species of pelagic fish, sea lions, seals, sea turtles and dolphins. Because sharks are found here Galapagos sharks, nurse sharks, reef sharks beloperjx. Hammerhead sharks go in these waters huge flocks of 300-400 birds. Plankton-rich waters of the archipelago boasts whales and whale sharks. Around the huge bushes of black coral collected Rhinoptera rays. Galapagos - it is also the kingdom of birds, are inhabited by 60 species of birds, half of them - endemics. On the coastal cliffs of islands are nesting frigates, albatross, cormorants, pelicans, footed boobies and other seabirds, forming a bird rookeries. Galapagos penguins might be found on the islands of Isabela and Bartolome, they nest in caves and lava cavities. On the islands of Santiago and Floreana Island in the hidden brackish lagoons, mangrove created, you can find flamingos.