Photo of panda bear, hand carved white wild animal figurine of tagua nut

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Panda - a symbol of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

panda bear tagua

In 1929, rumors that China lives in the forests of bizarre black and white bear, got a real confirmation. In Washington on public display was put up a stuffed panda. Subsequent attempts to bring to America or Europe live panda, each time ended with the death of the animal. And only after the war, the Chinese, who were able, unlike the Americans and Europeans treat the giant panda, began to carry them on the biggest zoos in the world. In 1961 - a year of education, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the first giant panda named Chi-Chi visited Europe. At London Zoo saw her one of the founders of WWF - the scientist and animal artist Sir Peter Scott. He made a stylized portrait of pandas. I decided that the image of this very good-natured, a rare animal in need of protection, will be an excellent symbol of the new fund. In addition, Sir Scott practical noticed that the black and white logo remarkably easy and cheap to play.

Years passed, and the image of panda Chi-Chi has become a symbol of the environmental movement worldwide. Today he is among six of the most recognizable logos of the world - along with the Olympic rings and McDonald's - and combines 5 million supporters of the WWF. Icon pandas can be seen on board research vessels and anti-poaching jeeps on protected cordons, hiking trails and a children's environmental camps - wherever works WWF.