Photo of parrot, hand carved white tropical bird of tagua nut

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parrot tagua

Parrot's beak was considered an amulet and is protecting from fever and demons.

China Southern Parrot (Ying-wu) was a symbol of gracious public talkative women, but also a good attribute of the goddess Kuan-Yin (Kannon yap.), with a pearl in its beak.

In China, parrot mean brightness, preventing the wrong wives.

In Chinese folk tales parrots tell their husbands about the infidelities of their wives. As an idle babbler, "parrot" - Chinese slang term for girls from the bar.

In Hinduism parrot - the attribute of the god of love Kama. Bird prophetic and bringing rain.

India and Central America saw their ability to produce rain.

Similar qualities were attributed to the parrot in the pre-Columbian America.

Maurice Buisson, in "The Secret of Scheherazade" (Paris, 1961), commented "Tutiname", Persian translation of the Book "parrot" Toli. He concludes that the parakeet is a symbol of the envoy, along with black, as well as a symbol of the soul (the Egyptian ba), as well as other birds. In "The Birds" XIII century Persian poet Farid Ud-Din Attar, a parrot is seeking the water of immortality.