Photo of pelican, hand carved water bird of tagua nut

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pelican tagua

The bird lives in the water, these birds according to legend, are so fond of their youngs, that feed them with their own blood (by pulling out pieces of their chest), ripping their chest (now is known that they get food stocks from their under bag).

The fact that the breeding adult birds beak tips to breast feed the chicks and brought into the throat sac of fish has led to the erroneous conclusion that the parent birds tear off his chest, to sate their young with their blood.

Symbolically important way of birds. Sacrificial love (sacrifice), mercy and gentleness. One of the most famous allegory of Christ, and that as such, appears in the form of the seventieth emblem "symbolic art" Bosch. With the same value can decorate their vessel in the still life.

Personified attribute of Mercy. The symbol of selfless parental love.

The symbol of filial devotion in heraldry.