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penguin bird tagua

Spheniscidae or penguins (Latin Spheniscidae) is a family of flightless marine birds, only in the detachment Sphenisciformes (Sphenisciformes) [1]. The family includes 18 species. All members of this family are good swim and dive.

There are three options for where the name "penguin":

from the Welsh pen (head) and Guinea (white) denotes extinct wingless auk (Pinguinus impennis) of the family Alcidae. And the sailors called the penguins just because of their similarity.

from the Latin word "pinguis" - "fat"; is confirmed by the fact that many European languages the word "penguin" is associated with the word "fat".

from the English word pinwing - wing-hairpin. Version rather questionable, as in the English word "penguin" is written as it.