Photo of penguin, hand carved water bird of tagua nut

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penguin tagua

Penguin is bird which lost its ability to fly, it is possible to meet this bird exclusively in the southern hemisphere, it includes 20 species, one family (Spheniscidae or Aptenodytidae), referring to the self-detachment (Impennes, Ptilopteri or Sphenisciformes).

The most distinctive external feature of penguins is full absense of flight feathers on the wings, which, in addition, unable to bend at all. The whole body is covered with small scaly penguin's feathers, most of which consists only of rods, without a large fan. The head is decorated with bunches of certain types of long feathers, while the other tail feathers too long. A small head, long beak to the head, straight, strong, solid, laterally compressed; neck of medium length, becomes almost a cone-shaped torso, short legs, is almost entirely enclosed in the skin of the trunk, so that only allow short steps, toes well developed, all four sent forward, but the membrane connects only three of them. On the ground, the bird is held upright, leaning on the back surface of the paw, but when walking the last stands almost vertically.