Photo of brown turtle, hand carved white reptile of tagua nut

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reptile brown turtle tagua

In Chinese symbolism of the turtle (koei) - image of the universe: from the bottom of its shell looks like a square (Earth), and the rounded top (sky). It symbolizes the momentary appearance of the created world. About Tortoise - all revered symbol of longevity (due to the long duration of life) associated with the idea of immortality and the perception of the life force - is considered a sacred animal, its image is often found on clay pots.

Congratulating the people on his birthday, its expressing the wishes of "Koey-ling" (the great century turtles). In Japan, North and Central China, the tortoise is still preserved the significance of the sacred character (in Amoy * in the first week of the new year sky donate sweets with its image), but in other places the image of this animal became abusive and meaning in the spoken language symbolizes cowardice: compare a man with tortoiseshell.