Photo of round fish, hand carved white sea tropical fish of tagua nut

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round fish tagua

Fish is phallic symbol of fertility, reproduction, life renewable and support. Also symbolizes the power of water as a source of life and its custodian. As the water element, is associated with all aspects of the Mother Goddess as Genetrix and with all lunar deities. Fish with bread and wine was a sacred food of mystical religions. Fish dishes, as well as the sacrifice of fish were put in ritual worship all the gods of the underworld and the waters of lunar goddesses, as well as love and fertility, such as Atargatis, whose son Ichthys was a sacred fish, as well as the goddess Ishtar, Nina, Isis and Venus. Their day was Friday, and on that day ate fish in their honor, and at the same time - trying to join the fertility of fish. Fish is also embodied followers and disciples, lived in the waters of life. Fish, pictured with birds, are chthonic and have a funeral color, embodying the hope of resurrection. Divine fish and the gods of the sea, traveling on horseback to fish or dolphins, mean independence movement in the water, the possibility of all. The fish, floating down, mean motion, involving a spirit into matter, and drifting upward, - a return to unity. Two fish mean temporal and spiritual power. This symbolism is observed in Egypt, Celtic, Indian, Mesopotamian, Burmese, Persian and French iconography, and is found almost everywhere from ancient times to the present.