Photo of sea lion, hand carved ocean animal figurine of tagua nut

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sea lion tagua

The same as all members of their family, sea lions are animals with a sexual dimorphism. Dimensions of adult males is between the range of 300 - 350 cm and weight is ranged from 500 to 1000 kg. Females are much smaller than the males, their body length reaches 260 cm and weight of an average of 350 kg. Similar differences in size are closely related to the type of social organization and life cycle strategies. All eared seals forming rest-places during the breeding season only on the shores of islands or coastal Kekur, and only sometimes, they are visible on the ice, where they lie by resting. And for the sea lion is characterized by a strong attachment to a particular region. This is expressed by the fact that the sea lions migrate relatively short distances, and at that time are still tied to the land.