Photo of pig, hand carved white farm animal figurine of tagua nut

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swine pig tagua

A symbol of fertility and, therefor, prosperity. However, it also means gluttony, greed, greed, anger and unbridled passion, as well as sewage. Sow associated with the Great Mother, and a lunar and celestial symbols. American Indians have a pig - lunar and thunderous animal provider of rain. Buddhists in the center of wheel of samsara pig symbolizes ignorance and greed, as one of the three animals, representing the sins that bind people to the world of illusions, sensations and rebirth. In Tibetan Buddhism Diamond Pig - it Vajravarahi, the Great Mother and the Queen of Heaven. In Celtic Queen of pigs "gray-haired old lady" Keridven - is the Great Mother, as well as Fea "shining", the symbol of the moon and fertility. Pig - attribute Manannan, who provides a wonderful meal with his pigs: they can every day to kill and eat, and every day they come to life again. The Chinese pig - an animal originally greedy and dirty, but useful and fertile after been domesticated. The Christians represents Satan gluttony, sensuality. The symbol of St. Anthony Abbot, who defeated the demon gluttony. The Egyptians dedicated to Isis, as the pig of the Great Mother and the devil: it may be a source of evil, as Seth in his tifonicheskom manifestation. Among the Greeks, the pig was a symbol of Elevsiya, they were sacrificed to Ceres and Demeter as deities of fertility. Sow is devoted to Zeus, who was suckled milk pig. For Jews pork - a guilty, forbidden food. Indians Diamond Pig - it Vajravarahi, Queen of Heaven, the female manifestation of the third incarnation of Vishnu in the guise of a boar, is the source of life and fertility. At Muslims pork - a guilty, forbidden food. The peoples of Oceania symbolizes the moon and fertility. The Romans pigs were sacrificed to Mars as the god of agriculture, as well as Tullusu and Ceres at the time of harvest. In the Sumerian-Semitic tradition of the pig - an attribute of goddess Rimma, Tiamat, and Great Mother.