Photo of owl, hand carved white night bird figurine of tagua nut

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white owl dark eyes tagua

Owls - birds, which are commonly used as a symbol characterized by duality. Influence on the symbolism of the owl and the similarities with the birds themselves are having:

nocturnal and "fear" of light;
the ability to see in the dark;
silent flight, predation and chilling cry
characteristic appearance
"closer" view
eyes glow at night,
ability to turn of the head 180 degrees, etc.;
especially the daily behavior:
seclusion in a dark shelter;
almost complete immobility of birds.

Like all birds, the owl is linked with the symbols of the soul, or rather, with its wires in the afterworld. Bird's death is an owl in ancient Egypt, India, Central America, North America, the Far East. In addition to the image of an owl is characteristic of a secret: secret, often frightening, knowledge, powerful forces of magic and predictions. Now it frequently used as the symbol of logos and emblems of enterprises and organizations related to education, science and publishing. At the military symbolism often serves as an emblem for the intelligence units and special forces.

Basic values:

insight, the gift of prophecy, clairvoyance, precognition;
wisdom, knowledge and erudition (book), the rational worldview;
thinking, researchers classes, night classes, medicine;
prudence, temperance;
pensive, lonely, sensitive, silent
melancholy, sadness;
winter, cold, long nights;
night, darkness, (twilight, dusk, twilight);
harbinger of misfortune, evil news, misery, death;
evil, witch, demon, devil;
evil prophecy, divination unkind;
ignorance and disbelief.