Photo of white owl, hand carved night bird of tagua nut

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white owl tagua

Owls belong to one of the most mysterious and enigmatic birds. Secretive nocturnal, "smart" look, silent flight, the scary voice amazed the human imagination. Owls honored, dedicated to the gods and heroes, they became a symbol of wisdom. In many fairy tales and legends of owls favor advisors, piercing birds, messengers, bearers of unusual knowledge. The Board attributed to the role of guardians of the Slavs underground wealth.

These birds have played a significant role in the beliefs and cultural rights since ancient times. On the wall of one of the caves in France was discovered the image of the polar owls, dating back from the early Paleolithic. Rock paintings of owls are found in various parts of the globe - in Europe, Australia, America. The ancient Maya owl was a symbol of power, its images meet on the bas-reliefs of rulers.

From ancient times, the owl was considered a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The ancient Greeks, it was the sacred bird of the goddess of wisdom Athena (namely - little owl). According to one Christian tradition, the owl symbolizes wisdom of Christ, which is evident among the primeval darkness. It was believed that owls own forces, which are inaccessible to other animals. This is one of the reasons that they were inseparable companions of wizards and sorcerers. Thus, the wizard Merlin, avatar legends of King Arthur, always depicted with an owl on his shoulder. Many African nations are considering owl as a bird of wizards and sorcerers. In Lorraine old maids went into the woods and asked the owl to find a husband.