Photo of polar bear, hand carved white animal of tagua nut

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white polar bear tagua

Between the Arctic hunters: the coastal Chukchi, Koryak, Eskimo - one of the main objects of worship and magic rituals recovery was a whale, and in some places - a polar bear. An essential aspect of so-called. whale festivals have been ritualistic formulas of self-justification, refer to the whale (or white bear) with a request not to be angry at people and invite other whales (Bears) safely come to the shore. People believed that the animal is resurrected after death and continues to live. Eating the meat of the beast was accompanied by strict rituals. All the remains of a meal: the bones, scraps, scraps of wool, etc. - carefully gathered and thrown into the sea as it returned to life killed and eaten by the whale. The majority of the hunting peoples of the taiga zone of the main subject of the magical and propitiatory rituals - brown bear, the most terrible beast. In the Khanty and Mansi each murder bears the fishery invariably accompanied by a propitiatory acts, whose purpose - reconciliation with the spirit of the hunters killed a beast, self in front of him: "Not we killed you, but Russian, who made the gun", etc. The most developed and complicated ritual of "bear-festivals" - the peoples of the lower Amur, Sakhalin Island (Nivkhs, Nanai, orochi, Ude, etc.) and from the Ainu of Japan, where it was the custom to raise the cub was caught in the taiga, giving him all the marks of respect, but with time appointed day to arrange a solemn "feast of a bear", which with all sorts of superstitious signs Honor bear killed.